The Investible Games land in Jakarta and Bangkok – Think Tough Mudder meets startup accelerator.

For the first time, the Investible Games will be held in Jakarta and Bangkok this year.  

12 startups in each region will face 12 challenges over the course of three days, for the chance to win cash prizes, and invaluable VC opportunities.

The Investible Games is a revolutionary due diligence and startup program designed to help equip founders with the framework and knowledge to take their business to the next level.

Acknowledging that startups and investors are time poor, the Games provide serious investors with the opportunity to rapidly assess the potential in early-stage startups across 16 key business areas.

“The best startups aren’t willing to spend 8 or 12 weeks in accelerator programs, and they’re also not prepared to give a small amount of equity away for doing the program,” says Creel Price, cofounder of Investible.

Founders who participate in the Investible Games will compete across 12 challenges over three gruelling days. The 12 challenges are designed to assess and educate the founding team on their understanding of the problem, their business model, traction and critical business functions, all under the watchful eye of investors, business leaders, other startups and corporate innovators.

“One of the issues with the startup ecosystem is the huge reliance on pitch and demo days, and just because you’re good at speaking or being a narrator, doesn’t mean you’re going to be great for the next 7 years in business,” explains Price. “The Investible Games is a fast and furious way for investors to do due diligence on startups over the course of three days.”

Winners of each challenge win will win $500 cash, plus a six month membership to Investible’s Circle Club – a membership network where founders can connect with C-suite executives, high net worth investors, and leading entrepreneurs.

To provide additional value to those competing in this year’s Investible Games, Investible and digital analytics technology company Digivizer, have partnered to provide a 12-month Digivizer Starter Plan and digital marketing strategy consultancy to the winners of the Customer Acquisition Challenge.

“To grow a business you need to know how to find and acquire customers and test market fit quickly. With Digivizer, the early-growth and startup companies taking part in these Investible Games can set up a continuous marketing testing environment, and use the real-time insights this gives them to make better decisions about where to spend budget, and do more of what’s working and less of what isn’t,” said Emma Lo Russo, CEO of Digivizer.

As Australia’s most active seed investment group that now also operates throughout Asia, last year Investible extended over $800,000 in term sheets to Investible Games competitors.

“Every startup in the world should go through something like this,” says former Investible Games competitor Mark Mendel, Founder of 99starts.

To apply for the Investible Games in Jakarta, Sydney, Melbourne and Bangkok, go to

Kathleen M.