Alva Energi


“Validate your idea, talk to as many people as possible. Don’t work in solo” - Edward

Alva Energi is an energy company founded on the vision to empower communities in Indonesia through renewable energy and technology. Alva Energi focuses on rural electrification and quality solar energy installations in Indonesia, as well as promotes widespread adoption and sustainable use of renewable energy in Indonesia.

Before starting off as a non-profit organization, the co-founders of Alva Energi are all university students. Oktoviano Gandhi, Christoph Luerssen, and Carlos Rodriguez are pursing PhD in solar energy system in NUS. Ali Bawono is doing a PhD in construction engineering in TUM-NTU. Windrich and Edward Elson are studying electrical engineering in NUS. Alva Energi’s first social project of O&M for Off Grid PV System in Geranting Island, Indonesia that happened back in 2017 where the co-founders fixed a broken solar photovoltaic system that has been installed before and wrote a comprehensive maintenance guide manual for the locals. Recently did a residential rooftop solar PV in Palembang, Indonesia.

In our interview, Edward talks about the hardships of their work which is that the residential rooftop solar panel system is relatively new in Indonesia but being passionate in their company, they overcome their hurdles by meeting the need to patiently educate their clients about the potentials and capabilities of solar panel system.

Kathleen M.