Blake Hawkins


“You are enough to make your dreams come true” -Blake Hawkins

Blake Hawkins received his education Bachelor of Science in Engineering Physics at Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University and Master of Science in Business Administration and Management at Boston University; also, a Certified Information System Auditor.  Blake has over fourteen years of work experience – starting as a project manager in the United States Air Force and an USAF ROTC instructor/recruiter at University of Miami, later becoming a consultant and then, an internal auditor for Ernst and Young in New York. At this role, Blake ended up managing the internal audit of a NMS regulated Stock Exchange and experience working at a very large hedge fund; his skills led him to come to Asia and manage all management controls and internal audit efforts in the region – and for a certain amount of years, he answered to his longing desire of pursing the dream of becoming an entrepreneur and created Hawkins Global and Janeous.

Janeous aims to disrupt the Human Resources Talent Identification space by maximizing the interview process while substantially decreases funds, time, and labor expended through their intuitive and digitally-based platform. Blake says that Janeous comes out of frustration as a recruiter, hiring manager, and a job candidate – “As a recruiter/hiring manager, it stinks to spend so much time with a candidate that is not a good fit for a job and has to spend even more time just to find that out. As a job candidate, it can be frustrating to send your resume into the blackhole and get no response.” Therefore, Janeous is structured to maximize time, efficiently and effectively conduct interviews/interactions and follow ups, and with sensitivity towards the privacy of sharing and control of the user’s data.

The hardships that Blake encountered were mostly around lack of funding and support but overcame most hurdles with this five (5) small tips to aspiring entrepreneurs – (1) Try to get an accurate assessment of the situation, (2) Set milestones/goals, (3) Once you decide on a direction, go hard, not blind but with gumption, (4) Appreciate anyone who is bold enough to come on the journey with you, (5) Keep getting back up, you need to train yourself to get back up, if you can’t get up from the small stuff the big stuff will be too hard. Blake added – ‘Every time some says its not going to work or says they will help, but don’t – those are the times you need to build up the strength for the real failures yet to come, what ever they may be.’

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