Jayson Briones

“Education not only allows us to understand and learn more things, but also serves as a key that shall open new and greater opportunities towards a successful career.” – Engr. Jayson Briones

Jayson grew up in a small household with his seven siblings and his parents who is a humble tricycle driver and a simple housewife. Despite of their earning capacity, his family never lacked in providing love and values.

Upon his graduation in the primary school, he heard that the prestigious school near his area provides scholarship to aspiring students with a background fitting to his so he placed his faith and applied to be accepted in an evening class scholarship. Grateful of receiving education, he was nervous that he might not blend in with his well-off schoolmates as for he does not have the luxurious items like what his peers have. Jayson expressed his thoughts that one of his neighborhood friends, who happened to be attending at the same school, has a daily school allowance equal to his father’s daily income.

Given the opportunity to attend college with a scholarship of maintenance assistant, Jayson pursued Electrical Engineering degree in the same institution. His tiring schedule rendered 13.5 hours at school where he spent 9 hours of compressed engineering courses on average and remaining hours of cleaning duties on assigned timeslot at a designated cleaning area and going home at 9 PM on a daily. Being able to graduate in 2018, he says – “As a fresh college graduate, of course, finishing my bachelor’s degree in electrical engineering and passing the board exams are my most humbling achievements so far. Finishing my studies is not an easy feat; in fact, it’s a dream come true for me and my parents. It was accompanied with a lot of stress, both mental and physical. However, we must persevere because all those stresses will just make our mind and body more flexible, so we will be ready to face and repel a much stronger impact from the professional journey ahead.”

Jayson understands the value of education and went his way to receive better education for himself. In our interview, he says – “In order to succeed in building our careers, we must have a solid foundation and that is proper education. Education not only allows us to understand and learn more things, but also serves as a key that shall open new and greater opportunities towards a successful career.”

In his final year of college, he and his colleague participated in an international acceleration and pitch competition for pre-startup teams and became the finalist in the Philippines round. Inspired and woke to the world of startup, he claimed – “There are still countless of serious problems in the world right now and if I could think of a great idea to solve one of those in the near future, I would definitely not hesitate to pursue a startup. As an Electrical Engineer, I want to solve problems accompanying non-renewable energy source depletion, so if given a chance and equipped with enough skills, I want to build a startup about a new and renewable alternative source of energy.”

A humbling and inspiring story of Jayson mirrors our own perseverance and strong mindset in our own endeavors even for some who had faced a similar struggle of being financially incapable yet didn’t let it set us back. He used to be terrified of the thought of going back in a more secluded countryside and stop pursuing his dreams for a labor that only earns a few pennies but now he is proud that all of his siblings persevered and gave a huge effort to improve their way of living as the five of them already finished their studies. When asked on his thoughts on overcoming struggles and having a positive outlook on life, he said – “In order to overcome struggles, you have to deal with them. It may take time but soon you will prevail. They are like barbells that seem to weigh lighter after days of regular lifting yet the weight of the barbell remains constant, it is us who build muscles through time by lifting a load that seemed heavy once. Struggles make us stronger. Actually, I can’t say that I keep a positive outlook in life. Let’s just say that I’m a realist and that I react to what is really happening to me or in my surrounding in real life. I think why most people can’t move on with their life obstacles is because they’re too negative that they lose hope quickly or too positive that they hope too much and neglect acceptance.”


Kathleen M.