Tina Mohamed

“Loyalty is a consequence of leadership. And leadership is a touch of competence.” – Tina Mohamed

Tina Mohamed, widely known in social media sites as Mdm Pippin Emerald, is an entrepreneur and run a bridal business (Rias by TM); also, an aspiring motivational speaker as well as a feminist.

Tina as an ACTA certified trainer specializing in grooming and makeup, started make-up as a hobby as an escapism from her hectic work in the semiconductor industry back in her employment. She was pre/post sales executive in semiconductor industry for over 20 years and was a relief teacher for 14 years in subjects – English, Math, and Science. Before considering of starting up, she says – “My first involvement in make-up was when an ex-colleague asked for a favour to do make-up on a British model. Since then, I got to know more enthusiasts and hobbyist who engaged my services to do make up for models. I did a lot of editorial shoots with various models from different countries. One day, a friend asked if I could do make-up for her wedding. I did and the rest was history.”

The objective of a bridal business startup is to continue my mom’s legacy. Tina is the fourth generation of her family tree to be a Make-Up Guru/Artist and Bridal Owner. The firstborn female in her family tree were all Bridal Make-Up Artist/Guru – started with her maternal great grandmother, maternal grandmother, her mother and herself. The goal was to build the business into a flourishing one and continue the art within the family despite being the last person as Tina does not have a child.

Tina talks about the bridal business in Singapore as a niche market. She shares her thoughts on encountered hardship as a startup and overcoming those startup hurdles– “It was difficult when amateurs undercut the business by spoiling the market with ridiculously low prices. Purchasing high-end products can be very exhausting, both to the pocket and mind. One cannot just but one colour foundation because as an artist, you need at least 4 colours to facilitate your client’s skin. Acquiring dresses and traditional outfits including its accessories need a lot of capital. As the trend evolves, clients taste in pattern and design vary from time to time. Keeping up with the current trend in terms of bridal collection increases one’s overhead. Marketing in social media, as well as event promotion, requires a lot of money. To keep the business alive, I have to be patient. Persevere and constantly looking for new ideas and keep on ‘reminding’ netizens that Rias by TM is still around to serve. Keep networking with people and always have the ‘customer service excellence’ attitude. You will NEVER know who will be your next client. It could even be the Madam President or dignitaries.”

Tina shares her advice to aspiring entrepreneurs – (1) Anyone can dream, its FREE. If you don’t wake up to HUSTLE, the dream remains a dream. (2) Learn to define SUCCESS. If success to YOU means to have a lot of money. Please go rob a bank. (3) Learn to accept FAILURES because success never comes easy. Failures motivate one to work harder and giving up is choice. (4) Loyalty is a consequence of leadership; and leadership is a touchstone of competence.

Kathleen M.