How does Co-Founders work?

The Basics For New User

Our platform is simple and easy to use. Register with your email and verify your account. Once your account is verified, you’ll be asked of questions as who are you looking for (cofounders or investor), industry, skills and other information that may help you browse potential cofounders based on matching your profiles.

As a new user you will be allowed to communicate with other users for free. Browse unlimited profiles and discuss the possibility of partnerships up to five (5) accounts. If you exceed the maximum, a Startup Hero Upgrade will be recommended (optional).

Startup Hero

To be a Startup Hero it means you will be able to create your profile, showcase your skills, share your videos and connect with other users for unlimited messages and accounts. You will be able to see their social media feeds, links and updates and as well as you can share yours online. You will be able to view who see your profiles so if you find their profile interesting, feel free to send them a message and start the conversation! To give you better exposure online, your account will be boosted for exposure up to 5x.

Startup Hero is a co-founder who browse, connect and engage with users. Use your account to connect with as many people as you want, interview people to be your co-founder in exchange of equity or salary, offer them project collaboration or invite them to attend your events.

If you intend to also pitch to investors, a Hustler Package will be recommended (optional).


So, you decided to level up your account from a startup hero to hustler. Good to know! Our Hustler Package is the right one for you to enjoy all the Startup Hero features and as well as to receive exclusive invitations for events, enable you to upload your pitch deck, showcase your company’s milestones and connect with investors users.

We do not make things complicated. Who has a time for that? At Co-Founders Network, we make our platform easy to pitch to get funded so you can focus on creating revenue and traction and you don’t drag your business launch just because your startup is lack of investment. We got you covered!


So, you’re not a co-founder but someone who is looking for startups to fund. Great! At Co-Founders Network, you will be able to create your profile, send unlimited messages to unlimited accounts, showcase your social media feeds or links, and view investment pitch decks of business users.

Whether you’re small or big scale investor, we understand what you are looking for and at Co-Founders Network, we help our users upload quality of pitch deck, advise them what are the important things for an investor to consider in business and how they can scale in business. We know that numbers and ROI are important to investors and this is why in our platform, we continue to innovate to match quality pick decks to investors.

You don’t need to attend pitch contests to discover talented startup founders, you don’t need to waste time in non-stop